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Children's Shelter

What we do at Angelheart

Angelheart Children's Shelter, located in rural Travis County, Texas, is an emergency shelter providing a safe haven for young victims of abuse and neglect. When children are removed from their homes due to dangerous and/or neglectful conditions, they are removed quickly for their safety. A shelter provides these children with an immediate place to stay until more permanent placements are found.

The shelter provides assessment services, including comprehensive medical and dental exams, psychological evaluations and/or psychiatric assessments, educational enrollment and assistance, and recreational activities. Angelheart offers children from birth to 18 years of age shelter, food, clothing, medical care, and most significantly a newfound sense of comfort and security. The shelter is staffed around the clock and provides continuous support for 22 kids at a time and nearly 300 children each year.

Most of these children have undergone enormous amounts of stress and have suffered incredibly. Our staff members are specifically trained in helping these children in crisis. We strive to give our children the best chance for success in future placements, including therapeutic foster homes, assisted independent living programs, and in some cases, residential treatment centers. For more information on becoming a Foster Parent, please visit our Foster Care page.

Founded solely to provide comfort and security to abused and neglected children, Angelheart Children's Shelter is licensed by and receives limited funding from the Texas Department of Family & Protective Services.